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"Folk and a bit of grass"
Licensed under SOCAN Tariff 22f

Track #1

Iona Fyfe - "Let Him Sink"
Album: Dark Turn of Mind
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Track #2

Nels Andrews - "Pigeon and the Crow"
Album: Pigeon and the Crow (Single)
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Track #3

The Yanks - "The Green Fields of Woodford / The Pipe on the Hob / Up Leitrim"
Album: The Yanks
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Track #4

Jon Wilks - "Navvy Boots"
Album: Midlife
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Track #5

Smiley face Packway Handle Band - "Gets Me Every Time"
Album: Packway Handle Band
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Track #6

Smiley face Miss Leo & Her Bluegrass Boys - "Dirt Nap"
Album: The Painted Sky Sessions
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Track #7

Smiley face Joe Yorke - "Send Me Away"
Album: Concrete World
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Track #8

Smiley face Sarah Deshields - "Ca' the Yowes"
Album: Ca' the Yowes (Single)
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